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Teachers / Coaches

  • Sifu Mark O'Dell in White Tiger Kenpo

  • Long time private student of Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny: Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers and Head Instructor of DBMA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts), in DBMA

  • Sifu Lester Griffin, original Dog Brother and UFC judge, in Stick Fighting

  • “Smoken” Joe Sarkissian, 3 time title holder, in kickboxing

  • Lorenzo Rodriguez, 1970s kickboxing champ, in kickboxing

  • Bart Vale, founder of Shootfighting and 10th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, in Shootfighting



  • Certified Personal Trainer through 24 Hour Fitness (2005)

  • ISSA (International Sports Science Association) (2005)

  • NCSF (National Council of Strength and Fitness) (2005)

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) (2005)

  • APEX (Nutrition and Fitness group) (2005)

  • Licensed EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

  • CPR, first aid and AED Certified

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (2020-Present)

Seminars Hosted and/or Attended

  • Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny, Co-Founder and Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers

  • Sifu Lester Griffin, original Dog Brother and UFC judge

  • Mike Nagano, 5th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo

  • “Superfoot” Bill Wallace, 1970s kickboxing champ and contributing columnist to Black Belt Magazine

  • Grandmaster James Ibrao, first Kenpo Black Belt under Ed Parker

  • Great Grandmaster Al Tracy, founder of the Tracy Kenpo

  • Bart Vale, 10th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and founder of Shootfighting

  • Attended seminars by Dan Severn, “Judo” Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan during Black Belt Magazines 1st Annual Martial Art Convention (2001)

  • Josh Barnett Grappling Clinic, Heavy weight MMA champion (2009)

  • Great Grandmaster and founder of Bok Fu Do (2010)

  • Kenny Johnson, wrestling coach and trainer to several UFC champions (2011)

  • Grandmaster Art Gonzalez, Knife fighting (2012)

  • Thomas “Gong Fu Dog” Holtmann in Chinese Gong Fu and BJJ (2014)

  • DBMA Summer Camp (2014)

  • DBMA Association East Coast Training Camp – Marc Denny, Eric Knaus, Benjamin Rittiner (2016, 2017)

  • DBMA Seminar, Charlottesville, Virginia (2017)

  • DBMA Winter Camp, CA (2017)

  • Bryan "Guide Dog" Stoops in FMA (2018)

  • Mark “Beowulf” Houston in FCSF (2018)

  • Eric “Top Dog” Knaus in RCSF (2018)

  • Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner in RCSF (2018)

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Notable Students

  • Christian “Catch Dog” Aguilar – White Tiger Kenpo Black Belt, Catch Wrestling, Full Dog Brother, Outstanding Student of 2010, Outstanding Participant for 2013

  • David Aranda – White Tiger Kenpo Black Belt, BJJ, Dog Brothers participant, Outstanding Student (2008), Outstanding Participant for 2011

  • Britney Minder, Boxing, (1-0) (2005)

  • Keisha Guilin, Battle of the Badges, (1-0), (2014)

  • Mario “Beast Hound” Ramirez – White Tiger Kenpo Blue Belt, Kickboxing (2 – 1), Full Dog Brother, Outstanding Participant for 2014

  • “Dog” George Ramirez – White Tiger Kenpo Green Belt, Catch Wrestling, Kickboxing, Dog Brothers participant, BJJ Blue Belt, Outstanding Participant for 2014, Fought at the Battle of the Badges (2018)

  • Joseph “Badger Dog” DeBraux – White Tiger Kenpo Green Belt, Dog Brothers participant

  • Rodrick Bush – White Tiger Kenpo Black Belt, BJJ Purple Belt, Dog Brothers participant, Outstanding Student for 2009

  • Greg Lisk – White Tiger Kenpo Black Belt, TTM Head Instructor, Dog Brothers participant, Fought at The Battle of the Badges (1 – 0) (2018)

  • Steven Espinoza, 1st Degree White Tiger Kenpo Black Belt


  • Associates in Science (2012)

  • Associates in Art (2012)

  • Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a Minor in Neuroscience (2019)

  • Currently pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy



  • Active member of volunteer Mountain Search and Rescue Unit (since 2011)

  • The Tough Mudder, 12mi obstacle course, Big Bear (2011)

  • Mission Inn Half Marathon (2011)

  • Las Vegas Urban Adventure Race (2012)

  • The Tough Mudder, Vail Lake (2012, 2015)


Guro / Sifu Mark “Beowulf” Houston

TTM Co-Founder / Primary Instructor



  • Training / Teaching White Tiger Kenpo since 1998

  • Co-Founder of THE TRAINING MAT (2007)

  • Became Full Dog Brother and given name “Beowulf” (2010)

  • Awarded Green Arm Band in Thai Boxing (2010)

  • Achieved Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo (2012)

  • Given the title of “Guro” in DBMA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts) by Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny (2013)

  • Board of Directors: Dog Brothers Martial Arts Instructor Association, Curriculum Director (2014)

  • Featured in Kali Tudo 4 by PG Guro Marc Denny (2015)

  • Awarded 4th Degree in White Tiger Kenpo (2020)

  • Awarded Blue Belt in BJJ (2023)


Fights / Competitions

  • International Chinese Koushu Championships, San Francisco (2001)

  • Bok Fu Do Invitational, San Francisco (2002)

  • Long Beach International, Kenpo forms and self-defense techniques (2004)

  • The Desert Rat, Kenpo (2004)

  • Amateur kickboxing, Team Quest, Murrieta (Record: 5-0) (2005, 2006))

  • King of Catch (2007)

  • Turkey Tapout, Upland (2008)

  • Grappling X, Pancration at the Armory, San Bernardino (2009)

  • Grappling X, Long Beach (2009, 2012)

  • Soboba MMA (1-0) (2015)

  • Battle of the Badges, Kickboxing (1-0) (2016)

  • Regular participant at Dog Brothers Gatherings.  Averaging 8 to 10 full contact stick fights every year since 2006

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