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Rachel C.
TTM is a great place to train for the entire family! The instructors are skilled and knowledgeable and just amazing people in general. Our kids genuinely enjoy coming to class, which should speak volumes in this day and age where many kids just prefer to stare at screens all day. I also enjoy coming to classes. I learn so much each time and it’s a great workout too! If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!

Elizabeth K.
I highly recommend this dojo for everyone. It's very professional, organized, clean and spacious. It feels very safe for me to workout here during COVID. I am so excited to train here. This dojo and its instructors are excellent and experienced. The Training Mat in Moreno Valley was the best thing that ever happen to me in this city. Definitely worth checking out, for all levels and whole families. 👍👍

Nicole R.
My family has been taking lessons at the Training Mat for years now and it has been a great experience! This is my first time taking martial arts and I really appreciate the knowledge and experience of Mr. O'Dell's instruction.  Most importantly, I appreciate the respectful way I am approached while the material is being taught. The Training Mat is a great place to learn a functional martial art while also being in a respectful and comfortable environment. 

Jarod S.
The level of expertise of those doing the training here at the Training Mat is 2nd to none! And more importantly, they know how to talk to you and deal with you like real people. I deeply appreciate the positive influence their instruction and interaction with my teenage son is having on him. Special thanks to Mr. O'Dell, Mr. Hefington and Mr. Lisk for taking a real interest in their students!

Daniel S.
The instruction and attention to detail is second to none. This school makes sure you feel welcome and part of something great. I have the confidence in knowing I can protect myself and my family if it is necessary.

Arturo M.
One of the best places for practical self defense. This place is the real deal in Kenpo. No commercial cookie cutter karate here. This place doesn't hand out black belts. It takes many many years of hard training to even get close. They also have one of the best grappling/catch wrestling programs. Well rounded instruction in all facets of fighting. Head instructor Mark O'Dell has created an amazing martial arts environment for both young and old. It's never too late to learn.

Mark H.
Amazing martial art studio. Most well rounded and educated instructors you will find.

Matt D.
Love this place. Always a rush.

Vincent M.
Love it! Happiest place on earth

Katrina W.
My son loves it

Bryan B.
I've been training here for a couple years. The instructors are friendly and very experienced. The whole atmosphere is great. Highly recommended and very affordable.

Jeanilee S.
I visited this place once to watch one of their morning Catch Wrestling classes, and also had the opportunity to attend two seminars; one by MMA fighter Josh Barnett.  This place is great if you want to learn simple and practical self defense, offering both White Tiger Kenpo and Grappling classes. Affordable self defense by highly experienced and friendly instructors. :-)

Wende N.
Great place with very knowledgeable instructors!! My whole family trains here and they really know how to work with all of our training styles. Highly recommend this place!

Susan C.
The training Mat is a wonderful place to train. The trainers are amazing, and you always feel welcome. My son always looks forward to go to his training classes . I strongly recommend this awesome place.

Monica H.
The Best and friendly place they are simple the Best trainers

Bre S.
Comfortable and kind environment. Killer instruction at that!

Brandon N.
The instruction at the The Training Mat is invaluable. You will learn so much here and you definitely get your money's worth from the instructors and classes. I was a brown belt in another organization before I came to this one. The level of instruction here surpasses the other one by the time you reach your purple belt. When you test for a new belt, you aren't given a belt, you truly have to earn it. It's hard work, but well worth it. The instructors here create personal and meaningful relationships that extend beyond the school. They will give every opportunity to help you achieve your goals. You will push yourself harder than you may have thought possible. If you train right, you will not only be able to defend yourself, but you'll have the wisdom to know when to walk away. You'll also get in amazing shape. I can't say I always took full advantage of the resources the school provides, but when I did, I lost about 50 pounds in six months. If I had trained more consistently, I could have lost more. If you are looking for a martial arts school or program, definitely check out TTM, you will be happy you did.

Teresa E.
I took the advanced conditioning class and it was awesome. The instructors provide quality workouts and push you to the appropriate level. You're never made to feel like you can't do something. The instructors keep your physical safety in mind and encourage you to go at your own pace. If you want to learn more about fitness and enjoy working out with others, I'd recommend The Training Mat.

Cesar G.
Made me and my son feel welcome. Great place to go.

Alfredo H.
Excellent atmosphere and very good level. I highly recommend it.

Alex R.
Great people that want to see you grow! Iron sharpens iron.

Randy W.
Training mat is an awesome place to train!!! Grateful that I get the chance to train with very talented people that are humble.

Clara L.
Absolutely awesome place. Friendly, honest and truly care about there students. Dedicated to training and doing it right. It's a bit scary when your family spends more time there than home.

Kimberly M.
Wonderful instructors! Lessons are broken down into easily comprehensible skills! A great place to learn the art of martial arts! Awesome learning experiences for the whole family!!

Robin R.
Love this place.

Mike L.
When you first walk through the door of the Training Mat you get a nice welcomed feeling everyone greets you with a smile, hand shake. The instructors are awesome.

Richard M.
Best place to train. Hands down. Phenomenal teaching.

Rhoda T.
The staff are very friendly and they kids program they have is great

Mis B.
More than a training facility, it's truly a family. The very best instructors you could ask for. We've been here since they opened and I can't recommend them more.

Nicole D.
Comfortable atmosphere, all the instructors are friendly and interested in helping you succeed in your martial arts journey. Various programs are offered at this location, allowing for the opportunity to learn different styles. Highly recommend this studio!

Sam B.
Very good people.  They're really helpful if you're looking to learn how to defend yourself. They teach you a lot and allow you to go at your own pace.  I love the vibe as well as the classes. 

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