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About Us

"The pursuit of excellence is an ongoing endeavor."


Founded in 2007, we opened our doors with one objective; to create an unrivaled learning experience.  To accomplish this, we focused on quality instruction, in a friendly professional atmosphere, at a reasonable price, in realistic fighting styles. 

We have something for everyone. 

  • For men: we provide the training and skills needed to “Walk as a warrior for the rest of your days.”  Enabling them to defend their life, loved ones and personal possessions should the need arise.

  • For women: the problems they encounter are identical to men with the added concern of sexual assault.  Our self-defense system is designed to offset the advantage of bigger, stronger opponents by knowing how to strike vulnerable targets, mastering basic responses to common attacks and developing the ability to use the body for maximum effect.

  • For children: our programs are designed to shape young minds over time. Through hard work, dedication and proper guidance, they develop character traits that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Instilling self-confidence, self-control, integrity, discipline and focus are as important to us as teaching proper self-defense technique.


Experience our comprehensive training for yourself and see the difference quality instruction can make.  All classes are taught in a professional environment, by qualified black belts with decades of martial arts experience in their respective art. 

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