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White Tiger Kenpo

“The home of safe, affordable personalized instruction.”


The White Tiger system delineated from traditional Chinese Kenpo in the 1960s.  It was given the name “Bok Fu” (which translates as “White Tiger”) to convey the change in emphasis and direction.  Since then, it has continued to evolve until it developed its own unique look and style.  While still maintaining the quick flowing hand technique Kenpo systems are known for, the White Tiger system incorporated more kicks into its curriculum and put a greater emphasis on aggressive application.

Like all Kenpo based systems, the main body of instruction centers around a striking based response and the use of self-defense scenarios, known as self-defense techniques, to teach basic responses to common attacks.

To complete our students training experience, we've incorporated grappling, kickboxing and stick fighting into our school curriculum. We found the cross pollination of systems fosters greater versatility, understanding and development. 

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